Change of ATR schedule and Waitlisted passengers


  1. Rescheduled flights due to maintenance of ATR
  2. Waitlisted Passengers for coming season

1. Rescheduled flights due to maintenance of ATR

Druk Air’s ATR aircraft will be undergoing maintenance from 10 – 12 July, as such rescheduled flights for the same period are as follows: –

11 July   
KB210       PBHCCU      DEP     1040    ARR     1120 equip changed to A319 & recheduled to operate after arrival of KB131
KB211       CCUPBH       DEP     1200   ARR      1340
KB140      PBHGAU       DEP     1420   ARR      1440 delayed for 3 & half hours. Operate after arrival of KB211
GAUBKK       DEP     1515    ARR      1945

10 July
KB400/401   PBHKTM  DEP   1040/1215   ARR  1145/1350 equipment changed to A319 and will operate after arrival of KB211. No Change in timing.

12 July
KB400/401   PBHKTM  DEP    1240    ARR   1335  delayed for 2 hours & equipment changed to A319. Operate after arrival of KB213

Please note the timing changed, particularly KB140 on 11 July. For further information kindly contact Druk Air, Thimphu.

2. Waitlisted Passengers for coming season

The Association would like to request all tour operators that if you have confirmed but waitlisted passengers for the upcoming season, you are kindly requested submit number of passengers confirmed but waitlisted and sector(s) to this office. We will try and coordinate with Druk Air as well as adjust and see how we can facilitate in inserting additional flights for the required dates.

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