Festival Dates/ Druk Air Meeting outcome

  1. Updated Tentative Festival Dates for 2013 and Tentative Festival Dates for 2014
  2. Druk Air Update
  3. Entrance fee for Black Necked Crane Festival
  4. ABTO Classified # 228

1. Updated Tentative Festival Dates for 2013 and Tentative Festival Dates for 2014

Please click here updated Tentative Festival Dates for 2013 and the tentative dates for 2014.

2. Druk Air Update

The Board of Directors had a meeting with the management of Druk Air on 26th July 2012 and the following are the gist of the outcome of the meeting: –

  • Additional Flights for the coming season

Druk Air will be inserting more flights in the coming season starting next week; flights to and from BKK will be increased to about 14 per week starting 16th September. Flights to and from KTM is subjected to only 7 times a week as per Nepal Civil Aviation. Therefore, any additional flights would be treated as chartered flight and implication of additional charges. However, Druk Air has agreed to change aircraft (within the allotted 7 flights a week) where possible (Use Airbus instead of ATR) to accommodate more passengers.

  • Domestic Flights

Druk Air will inform us whether domestic flights for the coming season will be operational or not by 1st week of August.

  • Lean Season Discounts/ Announcement

Druk Air has assured that there will be lean season discounts for dollar tickets, however the discounts offered will be slightly less than usual. There will be better discounts for Singapore and Mumbai sectors. There will also be lean season discounts for Domestic flights (Once in operation).

The lean season discounts will be announced in a week’s time.

  • 2013 Summer Schedule

The summer schedule for 2013 will be announced by 1st week of August.

  • Druk Air Hotline

Druk Air is currently working on improving and automating the hotline service. However, if there are any problems and suggestions on improvement it is welcome. Alternatively, if one wants to find out about flights (DEP/ARR) you can call 08-271218 and to check on last minute enquiry about possible empty seats, you can call 08-271423.

  • AD tickets on purchase of Business class tickets (100%AD for 15+1 and 50%AD for 10+1)

As much as Druk Air would like to extend, AD tickets on group purchase of business class tickets is not possible mainly due to limited seats in business class which is further compromised by Government quota seats. Druk Air has agreed to give 50% AD and 100% AD in Y class.

3. Entrance fee for Black Necked Crane Festival

Due to fund constraint, even to cover the cost of organising the festival the Phobjikha Environment Management Committee along with the local committee has decided to introduce Nu. 500 per tourist starting from this year’s festival. This fee is to mainly sustain and keep the festival going, as such all are kindly requested to render support.

4. ABTO Classified # 228

Please click here, the tickets for sale and others.

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