Pedestrian Day/ 2013 Government Holidays

1. Pedestrian Day

The Association has received unverified complaints and reports that the tourist vehicles which are allowed to ply in the core areas during the Pedestrian Day (Tuesdays) are being misused by Guides and Drivers. In this regard, we would like to request all tour operators to kindly make sure that such misuses do not happen.As you are aware that this is a special privilege that has been given to the tourism industry. Such untoward incidences may lead to compromising the privileges we are currently provided.

On the hind-sight, if there are any suggestions within the present system kindly inform us accordingly, so that we can take the mater up.

2. List of 2013 Government Holidays

Please click here for the list of Government Holidays for 2013 for your kind reference and information.

3. ABTO Classified # 229

Please click here for ABTO Classified on sale of Druk Air tickets and sale of vehicle.

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