North East India Trade Show and Drukair Update

Kindly be informed that Indian Chamber of  Commerce (ICC) in association with Department of Industry and Commerce, Govt. of Assam, is hosting the North East INDIA-ASEAN TRADE SHOW- 2014 from 21st to 26th February 2014 at Maniram Dewan Trade Center, Gawahati, Assam.  The show will serve as a special forum to create investment and training awareness and to increase acquaintance between the Indian & overseas business community focusing mainly in diverse fields like Energy, Tourism, Hand loom & Handicraft, Literature, Accessories, Agriculture, Financial and Medical services etc. It will provide a unique opportunity to showcase products as well as participate in the seminars/ round table discussions on related subjects to gain global exposure and find suitable avenues for effective marketing. The seminars will be addressed by market leaders and industry experts.
In this regard, interested tour operators are kindly requested to contact ICC Regional Office in Guwahati at 0361-2464767, Fax- 0361-2461763. Contact Person- Mr. Ishantor, Regional Director, ICC, Email-, Mobile No. ++91 9854073535 or Mr. Nirmalya at Email-, Mobile No. ++91 8011017644.
2. Drukair Update
Kindly be informed on the following changes on the Drukair flight schedule due to load factor:
A. Due to poor load, KB1001/1002 is cancelled on 9 Jan & 14 Jan14.
B. 13 Jan:  KB400/401  rescheduled and equipment change to ATR
      KB400  PBHKTM DEP  1130  ARR  1235
      KB401  KTMPBH DEP  1310  ARR  1445
Time in local.
C. 14 Jan:  KB210/211  equipment change to ATR.  Tiimings remain unchanged.
D. 17 Apr:  Additional flight to BKK
      KB128  PBHBKK  DEP  1130  1530  (A319)
E. 18 Apr:  Additional flight from BKK
      KB129  BKKPBH  DEP  0445  ARR  0645 (A319)
F. 6 May:  Cancelled KB1001/1002 & rescheduled KB204/205 as follows:
     KB204  PBHDEL  DEP  1120  ARR  1320 (A319)
     KB205  DELPBH  DEP  1420  ARR  1700
     KB400  PBHKTM  DEP  0800  ARR  0905 (ATR)
     KB401  KTMPBH  DEP  0945  ARR  1120
G. 13 May:  Rescheduled KB204/205, KB1001/1002
      K B204  PBHDEL  DEP  1120  ARR  1320 (A319)
      KB205  DELPBH  DEP  1420  ARR  1700
      KB400  PBHKTM  DEP  1130  ARR  1235 (ATR)
      KB401  KTMPBH  DEP  1500  ARR  1635
      KB1001 PBHBUT  DEP  0800  ARR  0830 (ATR)
      KB1002 BUTPBH  DEP  0850  ARR  0920
H. June-Aug14:  Cancellation of KB1001/1002

      Due to constant delays caused to our flights to Bumthang during the monsoons,the scheduling committee of Drukair has decided to withdraw domestic operations for the period June to August 2014.
Note:  All timings in local

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