Druk Air Schedule

Druk Air Schedule change for 24 April
Due to operational reasons (strong winds), Druk Air has reschedule the following flights:
KB1001/24APR/PBHBUT/0630-0705HRS/ATR/ALL TIMINGS IN LOCAL(flight departure preponed by 4hrs 30minutes )
KB1002/24APR/BUTPBH/0725-0800HRS/ATR/ALL TIMINGS IN LOCAL (flight departure preponed by 8hrs 35minutes)
KB402/24APR/PBHKTM/0830-0935HRS/ATR/ALL TIMINGS IN LOCAL (flight departure delayed by 1hr)
KB403/24APR/KTMPBH/1005-1140HRS/ATR ALL TIMINGS IN LOCAL(flight departure delayed by 50 minutes)

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