Drukair Update (Schedule, Additional Flights, Revised Fare Sheet, Name Change & Happiness Baggage)

a. Drukair Schedule

Please find Summer Schedule of Drukair effective from  26th March to 14th May 2017. Flights for the said period will open for sale on 12th August at 1000 hours.


1. All Tour Operators are reminded to avoid bookings with dummy names.
2. Please be alerted that name change will not be permitted on reservations made for the said period.
3. Therefore, if reservations are being made for the purpose of securing seats only, advance block purchase is recommended.

     b. Additional Flights

KB150/01OCT/PBHBKK/1350-1740HRS/A319/additional flight
KB151/02OCT/BKKPBH/0430-0630HRS/A319/additional flight

KB150/04OCT/PBHBKK/1530-1930HRS/A319/additional flight
KB151/05OCT/BKKPBH/0430-0630HRS/A319/additional flight

KB150/08OCT/PBHBKK/1350-1740HRS/A319/additional flight
KB151/09OCT/BKKPBH/0430-0630HRS/A319/additional flight

KB150/11OCT/PBHBKK/1530-1930HRS/A319/additional flight
KB151/12OCT/BKKPBH/0430-0630HRS/A319/additional flight

KB150/18OCT/PBHBKK/1530-1930HRS/A319/additional flight
KB151/19OCT/BKKPBH/0430-0630HRS/A319/additional flight

KB150/30SEP/PBHBKK/1240-1640HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL/additional flight
KB151/01OCT/BKKPBH/0430-0630HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL/additional flight

KB150/07OCT/PBHBKK/1240-1640HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL/additional flight
KB151/08OCT/BKKPBH/0430-0630HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL/additional flight

KB150/09OCT/PBHBKK/1240-1640HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL/additional flight
KB151/10OCT/BKKPBH/0430-0630HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL/additional flight

KB150/16OCT/PBHBKK/1240-1640HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL/additional flight
KB151/17OCT/BKKPBH/0430-0630HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL/additional flight

Concerned tour operators are kindly requested to follow up on the booking status with Druk Air.

c. Revised Drukair Fare Sheet 

This has reference to circular DA/MKT-Sales/Fares/2016/46 dated 26th June 2016 in regard to fare revision effective issuance from 01 September 2016.

Please note that due to a valid request/proposal from DAC station, the DAC fares have been kept same. Therefore, please ignore our earlier circular.

NOTE : The only change is on DAC fares that has been kept same as earlier, since the fares on this sector was already increased. 

Please find Revised Fare Sheet effective from 1st September 2016.

     d. Name Change NOT permitted

This is to kindly inform that Drukair will NOT entertain any name change once the reservation is made for any bookings effective from 12 August 2016 for travel from 26 March 2017 onwards. This decision has been taken to discourage dummy bookings. Please find circular for your kind reference.

    e. Discontinuation of Happiness Baggage Program

This is to kindly inform that Drukair  has decided to discontinue The Happiness Baggage Program (extended to extra baggage allowance based on producing old boarding pass) with effect from 1st September 2016. 

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