Update on Paro Airport Parking

This is to kindly inform that the Board of Directors of ABTO has met with the Director of the Department of Air Transport, Paro on 14th March 2017.

As such the Association would like to update as follows: –

Departure Terminal

  1. There will be no charges at the drop zone at Departure terminal. For Buses upto 5 minutes allowed to drop the passengers and for smaller cars upto 2-3 minutes.
  2. The Zone III (where Nu. 20/ half hour is charged), next to outside airport cafeteria will be declared as NO Fee Zone w.e.f. 1st April 2017. Which will increase the Free Parking area to accommodate about 300 cars, including Zone IV.
  3. Zone II charges will remain same i.e. Nu. 50/ half hour for light vehicle and Nu. 100/half hour for heavy vehicle.

Arrival  Terminal

The fee at the arrival terminal (Zone I) will be same i.e. Nu. 100/ had hour for light vehicle and Nu. 150/ half hour for heavy vehicle.

Future Plan

Parking area at the arrival terminal will be increased and extended all the way to Highway (next to the river bank) within this year. The Departure lounge will also be extended toward the air control tower.

There will be trolleys made available at the Zone IV and Zone III area (Free Parking area).

The objective of introducing parking fee is mainly to decongest the area and make both arrival and departure more user friendly.

Once the parking fee has been increased, the parking fee especially at Zone I at Arrival terminal will be reduced based on the carrying capacity.

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