ABTO’s Mission and Objectives


ABTO will develop and promote the Bhutanese tourismand travel industry with the highest standards of service, ethics and professionalism in line with the noble vision of Gross National Happiness.


To effectively represent and promote the general interests of Bhutanese tour operators in the national, regional and international travel and tourism industry.

In order to achieve this mission and objective, ABTO will strive to:

  • Make representation on behalf of the Members to the government and any organizations with which the Association has common interest;
  • Nominate from among Members, representatives to serve on committees related to tourism and travel industry, either locally or internationally;
  • Establish and maintain a Code of Conduct between Members and the general public and between Members and those with whom they trade;
  • Study, develop and promote the tourism and travel industry;
  • Discourage unfair competition without interfering in any way with initiative and enterprise based on fair trading;
  • Protect the interest of the Members of this Association from malpractices of foreign tour operators;
  • Organize or participate in conventions, seminars and other such activities pertaining to tourism and travel industry;
  • Encourage social activities, which will promote understanding and goodwill among all stakeholders;
  • Promote friendly relations and collaboration with relevant organisations, both in the Kingdom of Bhutan and abroad;
  • Take all such action as may be necessary to improve the image of the Association and its Members;
  • Institute awards for excellence in tourism related activities;
  • Acquire and dispose of premises, plant, machinery and equipment and other property as may be deemed necessary for the promotion of the objective of the Association;
  • Borrow or raise funds required for the purpose of the Association on such terms and on such security as may be determined;
  • Invest the funds of the Association not immediately required for its purpose in or upon such investments, securities or property as may be determined;
  • Support any charitable organisation or purpose that would further the objective of the Association;
  • Apply or promote any law, regulations, other legislative or public policy measure with a view to attaining the objective of the Association;
  • Do all such things as the Association may deem incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objective or any of them; and
  • Improve the quality of tourism and travel services provided by Members and other related organizations through effective training and use of information technology tools.

“To develop and promote the Bhutanese tourism

and travel industry with the highest standards of

service, ethics and professionalism in line with

the noble vision of Gross National Happiness.”

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