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The land of the thunder dragon kingdom is a trekker’s paradise and an environmentalist’s dream. With 72 percent of the country under forest cover, Bhutan’s pristine ecology is home to rare and endangered flora and fauna.

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The Monarchs

The establishment of monarchy in 1907 was the watershed event in the history of modern Bhutan. The country enjoyed peace and progress under successive reformist monarchs

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The national Constitution Committee started drafting the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan in 2001. The Draft Constitution was distributed to the people in 2005

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Gross National Happiness

Economists argue that happiness can be obtained with material development. However, Bhutan argues the case differently trying to advocate by saying that material growth does not necessarily lead to happiness..

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Bhutan is a land locked country, approximately 300km long and 150km wide, with an overall size of 38,394 square kilometres. It is situated along the southern slopes of the Himalayan range between the parallels 26 30′ of north latitude and 88 45′ and 92 25′ of east longitude. It is bounded by Tibet in the north, the Indian Sikkim and Darjeeling districts of West Bengal in the west

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Tourism in Bhutan

Bhutan only opened its doors to tourists in the 1970s, but has seen a steady rise in visitor numbers and tourism services since then. Here you will find information on the tourism policy in Bhutan and things you need to knwo before travelling.

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Getting to Bhutan

This section provides information on how to reach this magical kingdom. Whether by air or by road, you will find the information here.

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