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Drukair Winter Schedule Update

This is with reference to Drukair winter schedule effective from 29th October 2017 to 24th March 2018. In this regard,  flight KB120/Monday and KB121/Tuesday has been confirmed and therefore will open for reservations at 10:00 A.M onward on 23rd March 2017. Please find Schedule for your kind reference.


AD tickets from Druk Air

This has reference to AD tickets provided to tour operators who go on marketing and promotional events/ tours outside Bhutan (as informed via email on 15 February 2017). In this regard we would like to reiterate on the following conditions to avail the AD tickets: –  (1) A clear picture (if possible a short write up) of […]

Druk Air Customer Charter

Druk Air Customer Charter

Drukair, Royal Bhutan Airlines, as the national flag carrier ensures to provide the best of services to their passengers. They have outlined their service commitments and responsibilities in here Druk Air Customer Charter. Druk Air assures to continue high level of performance and improve wherever possible to fulfill them.


Drukair Winter Schedule 2017-2018

Please find Drukair’s winter schedule effective from 29th October 2017 till 24th March 2018 for your kind information and reference. Kindly note that the said schedule will open for reservation on 1st March 2017 from 10:00 AM onwards. However, Drukair would like to inform that timings are subject to change as the schedule is yet to be approved by the concerned authorities (civil […]


Drukair AD Ticket

This is to kindly inform that Drukair has reinstated AD (agent discount) tickets to travel agents for facilitating participation in marketing and promotional activities abroad. For details, kindly refer Drukair AD tickets notification received from Druk Air.


Drukair Schedule Update

Please find List of Additional, Rescheduled and Cancelled flights by Drukair effective from 28th January 2017 onwards for your kind reference and necessary action.


South Korea Offer from Druk Air

Please find here offer for the South Koreans from Druk Air on occasion of 30th diplomatic anniversary between Bhutan and South Korea tourism offer.

Druk Air Summer Schedule

Druk Air Summer Schedule

Please find Druk Air Summer Schedule for 2017 effective from 15th May 2017 to 28th October 2017. The schedule comprises of three parts as follows: 1. 15th May 2017 to 30th June 2017 2. 1st July 2017 to 30th Sept 2017 3. 1st Oct 2017 to 28th Oct 2017 Flights for the said period will […]


Name Changes, Drukair

This is to kindly inform that name change after issuance of ticket is permitted upon payment of USD 50 prior to 3 days from the date of departure. However, the name change request must be submitted in writing at the original ticket issuing office and shall be permitted provided it is on the same date […]


Drukair Update (Schedule, Additional Flights, Revised Fare Sheet, Name Change & Happiness Baggage)

a. Drukair Schedule Please find Summer Schedule of Drukair effective from  26th March to 14th May 2017. Flights for the said period will open for sale on 12th August at 1000 hours. REMINDER: 1. All Tour Operators are reminded to avoid bookings with dummy names. 2. Please be alerted that name change will not be permitted […]