Mebar Tsho

Mebar Tsho

Mebar Tsho (or The Burning Lake) is located in the southern part of the Tang Valley. It takes 30 minutes to reach there from Chamkhar town. Mebar Tsho more a gorge than a lake. It is a very sacred site and the name refers to the most famous episode of the famous treasure discoverer, Pema Lingpa’s life.

In the early 1475 the saint discovered holy relics hidden here by Guru Rinpoche and thus received his holy mission to propagate religion. To silence skeptical minds, he plunged into the river with a burning lamp and declared: “If I am a demon, I shall die! If I am not, and I am the true spiritual son of Guru Rinpoche, this lamp will continue to burn and I will recover hidden treasures!” That happened, and the place took the name of the Burning Lake. Devout Bhutanese always send a little lamp floating on the water and make a wish.
It is still believed today that people with less sins and spiritual minds are able to distinguish an extraordinary sight in the lake while looking down from a rock overlooking it. At the entrance to the lake is the image of Pema Lingpa along with his two sons carved out on to a rock.

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