Tang Rimochen

Tang Rimochen

This temple is four kilometers (two and a half miles) drive from the foot of the Kunzandra cliff, after passing a school and the village of Misethang. A huge rock overlooks this temple marking one of Guru Rinpoche’s meditation spots. He left numerous marks on it, and the name of the temple means ‘the one with prints’. It was established in the 14th century by the saint Dorje Lingpa and was restored in the 19th century by his distant descendant, Trongsa Penlop Tshokye Dorje. The temple has some significant paintings including one of Milarepa.

Towards the north, on the left bank of the river, on the top of a small hillock, stands the Ugyenchholing Palace. It was the residence of Penlop Tshokye Dorje. The village is clustered closely around the manor.

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