Paro Tsechu Festival

Paro Tsechu

The Tsechu is a religious festival that is celebrated in all the Dzongkhags. The performances last for three continuous days. There is a sequence of dances at Paro Tshechu. Most dances are the same as other Tshechus, but the sequence varies. On day one is Shinje Yab Yum, dance of the Lord of Death and his consort. The performers wear a buffalo mask and a long brocade dress. The day two begins with “chipdrel” traditional reception. The Astara (clown) welcomes the audience with the Marchang ceremony. The dances are performed in the courtyards of the Dzongs. The Paro Tsechu is one of the most festooned festivals in the whole of the country. Tourists are allowed to witness the festival at the courtyard.

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