Royalty Free Zone, SamdrupJongkhar and Gelephu

This is to inform that following the 1st Meeting of the TCB and upon the announcement issued by TCB Secretariat via # TCB/DG/20(b)/1845, SamdrupJongkhar and Gelephu have been approved/declared as royalty free zones both for entry and exit for transit purposes only w.e.f. 1st May 2010.

The following conditions will apply:

Transit means one night halt each for entry and exit.
• Halts longer than one night will not be considered as transit and the royalty will apply for the duration of the halt.
• Royalty free means that only the royalty is waived, the balance payment will have to be deposited with the secretariat, TCB as per rules. This will apply for all royalty free zones including Phuentsholing, which will continue as per existing regulations for one way only (Either entry or Exit).
• To avail the royalty waiver tourists have to be hosted in TCB approved accommodation within municipal boundaries.

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