The Pilgrim: For the Spirited Traveler

ABTO has revamped it’s previous edition of Discover Bhutan magazine and henceforth the fist travelogue in Bhutan published by ABTO shall be titled as “The Pilgrim: For the Spirited Traveler,” which will be launched in July 2010.

The magazine features tourism related travelogue with an added emphasis on culture, travel destinations, hot spots, and snippets. It should raise labels and have a social-infotainment element to it too in the form of human stories, features without straying from the travel theme. Additional supplements in the form of advertorials, infomercials and catalogues will be a valued addition. The core focus of The Pilgrim will be on the Bhutanese tourism sector and their role and impact along with the socio-cultural and economic make-up reflecting the ‘tourism-situation’ and ‘condition’ of the country. Stories will focus on but not be limited to:

– The impact of global pop culture.
– Tourism hot spots and travel trends.
– Emerging potentials (opening up of new sectors).
– Model/Inspirational stories related to or influenced/affected by tourism
– Bridge the gap between tradition and modernity.
– Issues reflecting the season and the potential therein.

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