White Water Adventure Guide Training Complete

Under the Programme for South-South Cooperation through Sustainable Development Secretariat, Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC), the bilateral project on “Rural Adventure Tourism Enhancement and Sustainable Community Development in Bhutan and Costa Rica” is jointly being managed by ABTO and Rios Tropical. Under this project, 17 tour guides were trained by two White Water Adventure experts from Costa Rica (Mr.Johnny Calderon Monge and Mr. Walter Fernando MongeGambao) and one from Bhutan (Mr. SonamTobgay, Lotus Adventures Bhutan).

Training methods and approaches are as follows:
1.Understanding the hydrology system of the rivers,
2.Rescue techniques, safety kayaking and first aid
3.Raft preparation and guiding along the rivers
4.Learning new swimming techniques in different river currents
5.Managing tourists on rafts and during emergencies

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