Campsite Sevices/Fees in Merak and Sakten

This is to inform all the stakeholders that the campsites in Merak and Sakteng are completed and handed over to the Park Management and the Guest houses are handed over to the Gewog Administration. These campsites are managed by the local and monitored by the Park Management and Gewog administration.

Rates for the campsites and other facilities provided are listed below.
Contact Numbers of the caretaker of Campsites/Guest house in Merak and Sakteng

Name Contact No. Location
Mr.Pema Tshering 17514979 Jonkharteng(Sakteng)
Mr.Sangay Tashi 17823146 Jonkharteng(Sakteng)
Mr.Tashi Phuntsho 17991965 Miksarteng(Sakteng)
Mr.Pema Gombu 17521403 Miksarteng(Sakteng)
Mr.Sangay Khandu Miksarteng(Sakteng)
Mr.Tshewang Tshering(Sakteng Gup) 17586173 Sakteng Gewog(Sakteng)
Mr.Yeshi Tshering 17967478 Sakteng Gewog(Sakteng)
Mr.Nima 1754787 Damnongchu (Merak)
Mr.Wangda 17452516 Merak guest house (Merak)

Contact number of the horse contractors
Name Contact number Location
Mr.Norbu 17818896 Chaling
Mr.Nagchung 17955282 Merak
Mr.Tshering Dakpa 17833669 Sakteng

Rate for facilities at Merak and Sakteng Eco-Tourism trail for tourist and it may
change as the services get improved.

Tourism services Services charges Total Remarks
Products and Services
Campsite fee(per tourist, per night) 250/- 250/-
Local guide(per day) 250/- 250/-
Local cook(per day) 200/- 200/-
Porter(maximum of 25 kgs) 150/- 150/- No return charges
Pack pony(maximum load of 50kgs) 300/- 300/- Return charges of 50% and 10% comission of the 300/-
Riding pony 450/- 600/- Return charges of 50% of the nu. 450 and nu.150 for horeman.

Optional products and services
Cultural performance(lump sum) 1000/- 1000/- Maximum of an hour.
Yak cham 1000/- 1000/-
Achi Lhamo cham 1000/- 1000/-
Fire wood(per bundle) 180/- 180/- Hard wood
Riding pony during village tour(per hour)260/- 260/- Horseman included
Hot stone bath(per wooden tub) 270/- 270/- Not yet ready

Contact Number of guides
Name Contact Number
Mr.Dorji Norbu 17834943
Mr.Sangay Wangdi 17614018
Mr.Pema Sonam 17635580

• It’s mandatory for all the tour operators to use a local guide and a local cook. The local cook will be arranged by the campsite caretaker. Also note that the local guide should be informed in Advance.
• Any government official who uses these facilities should pay a minimum amount.
• These rates will apply till further notice.

Source: TCB

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