Druk Air updates 19/7/13

I) KB 128 and KB 129
In order to increase capacity during fall season daily extra flights KB 128/ 129 to BKK was inserted, however due to insufficient load the following flights are being withdrawn with immediate effect.
KB 128 from 1st – 5th September and 7th & 8th September (Operation only on 6 September)
KB 129 from 2nd – 6th September and 8th & 9th September (Operational only on 7 September)
Druk Air has already adjusted booked pax of above flights into their next available flight.
II) Druk Air Commission/ Accounts Reconciliation
Druk Air would like to request tour operators to kindly reconcile your accounts with Druk Air accounts on sale generated so far in 2013 for calculation of commission owed by Druk Air to tour operator. Druk Air has recently changed their revenue calculation which will now be only after the passenger has actually flown and not based on booking data. Hence, there may be slight difference in accounts therefore all are requested to reconcile your Druk Air sales accounts accordingly.


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