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In order to create an environment to interact on a regularly basis between ABTO members, Board of Directors and the stakeholders, a platform called ABTO Club is being initiated on trail basis. Please click here to download the flyer for more information about the ABTO Club.
The proposed frequency of the gathering is once a month preferably last Fridays of every month.

The specific objectives are, besides others: –
  • Platform for Thematic discussions.
  • Creating an opportunity for ABTO to regularly update its members about its activities.
  • Establishing a convenient and comfortable space for members to meet informally to discuss issues of common concern or interest.
  • Interaction, Dialogue and understanding with other tourism sector stakeholders.
  • Platform for Guest lectures (Local/ Foreigner) to give talk and share their experiences

In order to make it meaningful the meets/ gathering will be based on a particular theme (Issues) for set time, however the tome ands style of the gathering will be informal and social.

To kick start the ABTO Club, the 1st gathering will be held on coming Friday, 11 April 2014 at Hotel Migmar from5.00 PM – 7.00 PM. The 1st ABTO Club gathering is sponsored by the Board of Directors and the theme will be introduction of the ABTO Club Concept. Therefore, all tour operators are cordially invited.

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