Drukair BKK Day Return Flight /Through Fare DAC-PBH-KTM/ Embargo lifting of CCU/DEL

1. BKK Day Return Flight
Due to the demand in traffic for Ex-Bangkok, scheduled flights KB206/207 effective 21Aug up to 31Aug (21Aug, 24Aug,28Aug and 31Aug) will be cancelled and replaced with day return flights to/from BKK as below:
KB120/21AUG/PBHBKK/0800-1200HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (to confirm wait list passengers based on date of booking)
KB121/21AUG/BKKPBH/1300-1500HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)
KB120/24AUG/PBHBKK/0800-1200HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)
KB121/24AUG/BKKPBH/1300-1500HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)
KB120/28AUG/PBHBKK/0800-1200HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)
KB121/28AUG/BKKPBH/1300-1500HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)
KB120/31AUG/PBHBKK/0800-1200HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)
KB121/31AUG/BKKPBH/1300-1500HRS/A319/TIMES IN LOCAL (same as above)
2. Through Fare for DAC-PBH-KTM
Please find the link below the Through Fare for DAC-PBH-KTM sector.
3. Removal of Embargo on 14 Day published fare
Please find the link below the circular on removal of Embargo period on the 14 Day published fares from CCU and DEL.

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