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This has reference to AD tickets provided to tour operators who go on marketing and promotional events/ tours outside Bhutan (as informed via email on 15 February 2017). In this regard we would like to reiterate on the following conditions to avail the AD tickets: – 

(1) A clear picture (if possible a short write up) of how Drukair is going to be featured in those travel fairs with samples of brochures or any promotional materials showing Drukair’s presence,

(2) Druk Air request the application letter to be signed by the proprietor of the relevant agency and on the agency’s official letter head, as regretfully, except for few agents, Druk Air has been receiving most applications via email requesting discount only stating that the travel is being initiated by TCB and they are entitled for a discount.

(3) Druk Air request if the application for such discounts are submitted/discussed in advance, as most of the application Druk Air is receiving now are submitted with the request to be entertained in urgency due to TTL (Ticketing Time Limit) deadline.

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