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As you may be well aware that Gelephu has only one tourists standard hotel and therefore, it is impossible to get rooms during peak season months. As a result, tour operators have no option but to keep their guests in other hotels, which is against tourism rule and there were instances where TCB penalized some of the operators for the same.

However, ABTO has requested TCB to consider some of the hotels/guesthouses that are not certified by TCB but used by tour operators for keeping their guests as an interim measure for facilitating accommodation as a special case for Gelephu.

In this regard, TCB has requested ABTO to submit the list of hotels used by tour operators in Gelephu so that TCB official will visit the site at the earliest for assessment and consideration. Hence, we would like to request concerned tour operators to kindly provide the list of hotels that you would like to recommend or using those property until now latest by 14th February 2018. For further information/clarification, kindly contact Tek Bahadur, ABTO at 17621385.

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