About Abto


ABTO (Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators) is the mutual and official voice of all Bhutanese tour operators who constitute our primary members. We represent and protect the collective interests of the country’s tourism industry. Since its founding in 2000, our priority has been to bring about positive change for the effective function, administration and operation of tour operators.
As a service providing organization we render every support and assistance in undertaking activities and seeking ways and means to advance the cause of member tour operators. With significant growth in the number of tour operators and a drastic increase in tourism activities, our aim is to promote Bhutan as a top tourist destination with the collective effort of our tour operators.  
We also develop and implement a wide range of measures and instruments that help make the Bhutanese market more attractive and improve the environment for both consumers and agents in line with the government’s vision of high value-low volume tourism policy.
Headed by the Executive Director, the organization works within the framework of the rules specified in the association’s articles and is guided by a Board. ABTO is a not-for-profit organization.

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