.travel domain benefits

    1. .travel gives travel and tourism businesses and organizations the opportunity to register their name in the top level domain, .travel, the segment of the Internet designated for their industry. It presents a clear message of your company.
    2. .travel site is the best and safest place to find any travel related information.
    3. .travel domain name stands out from the crowd! Registering www.company.travel instead of www.company.com (or an Internet country code top-level domain such as co.uk or .de) shows the world that you are a genuine travel and tourism related business and recognized as part of that community. What better way to promote your organisation than having a .travel ending name!
    4. With millions of .travel names still available, .travel offers you and your business great name flexibility for your main website, strategic marketing sites or even a new business or product. There are a lot of great names still available, unlike .com, co.uk, .de or .net, which have millions of registrations each and are reaching saturation.
    5. .travel websites perform significantly well in search engines. Search engines assign a value to .travel because it has a meaning (unlike .com), in this case directly related to the travel and tourism sectors. Just search for sites like Egypt.travel, Utah.travel or Colombia.travel to see what we mean.
    6. .travel enables you to be identified as travel related business without having to dilute your company name and URL. This means that you can keep your company name and identity short, punchy or/and unusual without having to add travel and tourism related terms within it. Many countries have used this unique value to their advantage. Their country name plus .traveltells the whole story—that this is the location for travel information about that country. Take a look at Canada.travelEcuador.travelEgypt.travel, or Germany.travel.
    7. .travel enables you to increase your visibility outside your home market. Many .travel users continue to use their existing .com or other domain names for their domestic market and choose to use .travel to promote their business overseas.
    8. .travel is becoming increasingly relevant! The Internet is an ever more crowded and bewildering place where it is difficult for users to find relevant websites and content. The arrival of potentially hundreds of new top level domain names will restructure the internet into a more categorised source of information. It is therefore imperative for businesses to be easily identified with a pertinent and meaningful ending name.
    9. .travel is a great, easy and inexpensive marketing tool for your travel business.
    10. .travel works best if used alongside online best practices to maximize your web presence. These include using the right URL/company name and variations for your site, a user friendly site that is easy to navigate, relevant and quality content, a clear and attractive home page and smart SEO.

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