Guides in Bhutan are highly trained and certified. The government has strict regulations to ensure that tour guides meet specific standards. You can find the list of certified guides here. DOT Certified List (

  1. Tour guides undergo rigorous training and examinations conducted by the Department of Tourism

  2. They must pass written and practical exams to obtain their guide license.

  3. Guides are well-versed in Bhutanese history, culture, religion, and natural heritage.

  4. They have in-depth knowledge of the country’s landmarks, monasteries, dzongs, and festivals.

  5. You can also find guides with specialized skills such as birding, rafting, trekking, biking and photography

  6. Guides are proficient in English and Local languages but if you want a guide proficient with foreign language your tour operator can arrange it for you.

  7. They can effectively communicate with tourists and provide insightful information.

  8. Guides are locals who intimately understand Bhutan’s customs, traditions, and local way of life.

  9. Guides have the responsibility to ensure visitors’ safety during treks and tours.

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